Thursday 7 November 2013 16:00 - 16:50

REX : Lean Startup @ Choose Your Boss

I want to talk about innovation in big companies, and how we solved some problems we encountered with a framework we called 'experiments'.

The main problems in big companies are well known of product managers and e(i)ntrepreneurs : Ticketing culture, loss of ownership and loss of empowerment (it's like nobody is never responsible for anything), which all leads to big cycle and lead time.

Context :

We had all those problems when we started to build within the biggest french web based classifieds company. Our marketing team was working for 4, or 5 products at the same time. Their role wasn't always clear : were they working on the product? On the growth only?

Our sales were in the same situation : they had a big product making millions, and for most of them, were afraid to sell a new product without any 'proof' that it was going to make it.

I imagine that a lot of product managers and intrapreneurs have seen the same situations.

What helped us is a framework we crafted during 18 months, that we called experiments. Experiments are testable and measurable actions that allow to validate or invalidate assumptions and hypothesis we make everyday as product managers.

We will talk about how the measurable aspect of those experiments gave ownership to people working on the project.

We will talk about how the testable aspect helped us focus and align the team around credible and written goals.

We will also talk about how the fact that you need to follow them through time, weeks, sometimes months helped us empower people and make them accountable and responsible for the whole product.

In Theory and then a practical example with a part of the marketing team.

Conclusion : Experiment is not the ultimate solution but it helped us
* Align the team around a simple goal
* Give them ownership in a subject. Empower them.
* Validate and invalidate assumptions faster."

Conférence 2 Lean Startup

Presented by Benoît Guillou

Product Manager at ChooseYourBoss

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